The most hygienic hand dryer. Now 35% quieter.¹

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كل الميزات

  • The Dyson digital motor V4

    The Dyson digital motor V4

    The reprogrammed Dyson digital motor V4 uses digital pulse technology to draw up to 20 litres of air per second through the machine, for fast hand drying.

  • Airblade™ technology

    Airblade™ technology

    Clean air from the HEPA filter is forced at 430 mph through apertures 0.55mm wide, scraping water from hands, quickly and hygienically.

  • Better for your environment

    Better for your environment

    Up to 80% less expensive than hand dryers2. Up to 98% less than paper towels2. And up to 76% less CO23. Creating a better environment in your washrooms and in the world outside.


  • الارتفاع 100mm
  • الطول 394mm
  • العرض 234mm
  • الوزن 2.8kg
  • Hand dry timer 10sec
  • Operating airflow 30I/s
  • Decibel level 86dB
  • Motor speed 90,000rpm
  • HEPA filter YES
  • Bacteria removal 99.9%
¹Loudness reduction vs. original Dyson Airblade V hand dryer. 2For calculations visit 3In collaboration with Carbon Trust, Dyson has produced a method to measure the environmental impact of electrical appliances and paper towels.