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Advanced cleaning kit

Advanced cleaning kit
Advanced cleaning kit
Advanced cleaning kit

Dyson-engineered accessories to deep clean mattresses and upholstery, and reach further under furniture.

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Engineered to clean...

  • Pet beds

  • Mattresses

  • Under furniture

  • Dark spaces

Hair screw tool

Removes hair from mattresses, car seats and stairs without tangling. Motorised conical brush bar migrates long hair and pet hair into the bin.

Hair screw tool cleaning a pet bed

Picks up hair. Fast.

  • Hair screw tool's conical brush bar

    Dyson knows hair

    Understanding hair’s natural tendency to tighten, our engineers found a way to let hair untangle itself.

  • Hair screw tool sucking up long hair

    Archimedes screw brush bar

    Strands migrate to the end of the cantilevered brush bar – sucking up hair faster than any other mini motorised tool.

Light pipe crevice tool

Crevice tool with LED lights lets you reach into dark, narrow spaces and see where you’re cleaning.

Light pipe crevice tool cleaning into a dark narrow space

Dirt has nowhere to hide

  • Light pipe crevice tool cleaning a dark car interior

    Cleans hard-to-reach spaces

    Engineered to reach up to 225mm into tight, narrow spaces as small as 19.2mm.

  • Close-up of the Light pipe crevice tool's LEDs

    Illuminates dust and debris

    LED lights reflect along two pipes to the end of the tool and scatter an even, torch-like light.

Low-reach adaptor

Engineered to clean further under low furniture by adjusting the wand angle up to 90°.

Low-reach adaptor cleaning under low furniture

Go lower. Go further.

  • Low-reach adaptor's bending hinge mechanism

    Bends to comfortably reach down low

    An external hinge allows durable flexibility without obstructing the airflow or compromising performance.

  • Low reach adaptor cleaning down low

    No sacrifice in suction

    An unseen, but critical, HDPE lip seal inside the adaptor keeps the flexible airflow airtight, maintaining suction.

Compatible machines

  • Dyson V11™ vacuums

  • Dyson Cyclone V10™ vacuums

  • Dyson V8™ vacuums

  • Dyson Outsize™ vacuums

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Dyson vacuum accessories cleaning high and low

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